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disinfecting robot

  Disinfectant spray and ultraviolet double disinfection

  - Industrial-grade high-power atomization for large Spaces

  - Spray disinfection on surfaces in key areas

  - Spray and uv disinfection in enclosed Spaces

  Multi-sensor fusion positioning and navigation

  - The robot map can cover a large space of 100,000 square meters

  -150m lidar, capable of locating in large indoor Spaces

  - High performance four-wheel drive mobile chassis has the ability to surmount sports obstacles beyond products of the same class

  Advanced AI technology

  Thanks to Terminus Computer Vision, our robot can recognize different objects and environments,

  Different disinfection strategies should be applied accordingly. It can also test the human body to avoid personal injury.

  No operation, truly maintenance-free

  - The disinfection route, time and disinfection strategy can be set in advance and stored in the system

  - When the disinfection task starts, the robot can still work automatically when off the grid

  - Automatically generate disinfection logs and reports