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Low loss flue gas pretreatment sampling system with acid addition

  Portable flue gas preprocessor designed for use in different locations for condensing sampled flue gas. The pretreatment system can also be used for long - term monitoring. In order to prevent the loss of sulfur dioxide, this portable flue gas preprocessor adopts the method of adding acid to inhibit the absorption of sulfur dioxide by condensed water, effectively reduce the loss of sulfur dioxide, more suitable for high humidity, low concentration of flue gas conditions.

  The peristaltic pump will ensure the continuous removal of condensate, thus ensuring long periods of trouble-free measurement work. The accompanying filter system is operated by a filter type with a humidity alarm system to control whether the pump is closed. A flowmeter is installed at the outlet of sample gas, and the flow alarm is optional.

  • Add acid to curb sulfur dioxide losses, allowing for more accurate measurements

  • Dew point temperature +5 °C ± 0.1 °C

  • System warm-up time: less than 10 minutes

  • Self-detection

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