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Xu Xin (Shanghai) Information Technology Co., LTD

  Xuxin (Shanghai) Information Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2020, located in China (Shanghai) free trade pilot Zone Zhangjiang Science City park, technology innovation atmosphere strong, people entrepreneurship passion flying. From the beginning of its establishment, the company has positioned high-tech, focused on the new and strange, and strive to set sail from the high standards of technology, trade, research and development and service. Through two to three years of efforts, the company will build its own advantage brand products, and realize the brand goes to sea and sells well in China.

  In terms of trade, we will choose well-known artificial intelligence, big data and Internet of Things products at home and abroad, as well as systems closely related to emergency rescue, public service, public health, administrative management and other industries, so as to enhance early warning capacity, improve management level, reduce casualties, and do our best for the safety and happiness of human beings.

  In the aspect of technical services, and actively follow the user demand, the introduction of new technology to help customers to solve practical problems, thoroughly familiar with the service industry, to become the good assistant of customers in the industry, experts in the field of technology, continuous improvement and innovation, constantly input in technology research and development, customer service, at the same time do a good job in customer project management consulting for project kpis to gain high scores.

  The launch of 2021 has been opened, I believe that with your support, it will be more wonderful!